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  • Event: Anything that can be used to identify the tournament the games were played in. Please provide as much information as possible. (Rounds, day number, week number, etc.)
  • Date played: The date the games were played (as accurate as possible). This will be used to check for possible duplicates.
  • Game version: Indicate on which version of SC2 the games were played.
  • Type: Use offline for games that were played at a live tournament, otherwise use online.
  • Source: An URL to a credible source where the results can be double checked (for example: official tournament brackets, Liquipedia page or Team Liquid live report thread).
  • Contact: (Optional) A way to contact you if we have questions about your submission. E-mail, Team Liquid username, Reddit username etc. are fine.
  • Notes: (Optional) Any extra information you have that may or may not be of use.
  • Matches: A list of the results you want to add. Please see match syntax for more information.

Please see common problems if you are unsure about a player.

Each line corresponds to a match, and should be entered using this format:

<Player A>-<Player B> <Score A>-<Score B>

The player information does not have to uniquely identify the player, and should be a space-separated list of any of the following:

  • Player tag, e.g. DongRaeGu.
  • Race, i.e. P, T, Z, R (random) or S (race switcher).
  • A two- or three-letter ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code, e.g. KR or KOR, or the common English name of a country (the latter will only work if the country name does not contain spaces.
  • Team name, e.g. MVP.
  • Player or team aliases, e.g. DRG. The most common ones should be recognized by the system.
  • A player ID number, which you can get from the URL of the player page, e.g. 4.

If you are adding a match by a race switcher you need to tell the system which race the player was playing in that match. Do this by adding a r:<race> clause at the end of the player information. For example, if MorroW plays Protoss, you can do this:

Morrow r:p-DongRaeGu 0-2

Please also provide race information about random players whenever this is known, though it's not required.

Everything is based on case-insensitive search. There is no recognizable difference between Mvp (the player) and MVP (the team).

When submitted, the system will try to find as many players as it can. If a player can't be found, or if the information provided applies to more than one player, that's fine. We will fix it when reviewing the submission.

The system will also try to avoid duplicates. If your match appears to be a duplicate of another match in the database (same players, score and close in time), you will get a warning. To avoid this, add the switch !DUP to the end of the match description. This will force the match to be entered.

Most players are uniquely identifiable through their nickname alone. For a list of the most common exceptions, please look at common problems.

Here are some real-world examples. From the GSL:

MarineKing-Roro 2-1
Keen-IM Mvp 2-1
MarineKing-Keen 2-0
Roro-IM Mvp 2-0
Keen-Roro 0-2

Some players have to be identified by race and/or country, such as Creator:

Creator P KR-Byul 2-0

Some players have aliases to help entering their names, such as BBoongBBoong:

Hyun-B4 0-2

Some players are more easily identified by team, such as Mvp and HerO:

Liquid Hero-IM Mvp 2-0
  • Liquid HerO, CJ herO, Woongjin ZerO, StarTale Zero, MVP Killer and Clarity KiLLeR should be identified by team.
  • Creator, Dream, First, Happy, Maru, Rain, Tails, TheBest, and Top all need to be identified by race and/or country.

Common country codes: Canada (CA), France (FR), Germany (DE), South Korea (KR), Poland (PL), Russia (RU), Sweden (SE), Ukraine (UA), USA (US).