StarCraft 2 Progaming Statistics and Predictions


Current top 10

# Name Rating vP vT vZ
1 KR Z Sacsri 2112 2102 2147 2086
2 KR P herO 2111 2004 2123 2207
3 KR T TaeJa 2110 2095 2092 2142
4 KR Z Solar 2106 2214 2066 2039
5 KR T INnoVation 2104 2094 2062 2155
6 KR P Zest 2104 2234 2002 2075
7 KR T YoDa 2092 1988 2084 2205
8 KR P Rain 2090 2027 2119 2124
9 KR T jjakji 2086 2026 2100 2132
10 KR Z Life 2070 1991 2073 2145

The above list is a preview of the next rating list, which will be finalized on Oct. 15, 2014. Full list.

French! Mon dieu! By Eivind Fonn on Sept. 9, 2014, 9:05 a.m. (UTC +0000)

Aligulac in collaboration with Millenium proudly presents the French translation of Aligulac! This is thanks to the effortless work of Frédéric Leprévost, Nicolas Verger and @the_ppn over several months. It has been thoroughly tested and should be a quite high quality translation.

To get your dose of Français, head over here.

Millenium have also published an article.

Polish translation By Eivind Fonn on Sept. 6, 2014, 10:02 p.m. (UTC +0000)

From today, you can use Aligulac in Polish! This thanks to the thorough and professional work of Krzysztof Krasuski, representing

This is particularly exciting for us because it's the first translation done 100% by someone who hasn't worked with Aligulac before, and it also represents a larger community than any of the previous translations (save English, of course).

Thanks Krzysztof!

Det er sgu rigtigt! By Eivind Fonn on Aug. 12, 2014, 5:17 p.m. (UTC +0000)

Yes, it's true. We just added a Danish translation. Enable it here. Thanks to our tweeter and PR guy Morten!

We have supported translation for a while, but the actual work has been slow. We have now found ourselves forced to disable translations on the API documentation. It's long, technical, and difficult to translate. On the other hand it is probably of little interest to someone who doesn't already speak decent English, so I gather that this is not a huge loss.

From what I understand, the French translation is very close to being completed. We still would like someone to help us with Korean!

And for those of you who are giving up on our rating system, we are working on it. There's a reasonably promising modification in the pipeline which I hope will not be too long off.