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Current top 10

# Name Team Rating vP vT vZ
1. up KR T ForGG Millenium 2082 1931 2260 2056
2. down KR P herO CJ Entus 2074 2009 2077 2137
3. down KR P San Yoe 2057 2004 1956 2211
4. up KR P sOs Jinair 2056 2018 2062 2089
5. down KR T jjakji mYinsanity 2050 2047 2036 2068
6. KR T MMA Acer 2047 1950 2066 2125
7. KR T Polt CM Storm 2001 2071 1961 1972
8. KR T INnoVation Acer 1988 2010 1909 2044
9. KR P Rain SKT T1 1971 1908 2065 1940
10. up KR Z HyuN ROCCAT 1970 1896 1999 2016

The above list is a preview of the next rating list, which will be finalized on April 30th.

API update

By Eivind Fonn on April 11th, 2014, 17:01 UTC (UTC +0000)

If you're a heavy user of the API you might want to check out the documentation again. We have added two meta-relations to event objects that will make it easier to search for matches and events across several levels of the event tree. (It's hard to explain, the documentation makes it more clear I hope).

We have also made the internal search function used by our own autocomplete feature available for everyone to use. This makes it easier to search for players, teams and events.


By Eivind Fonn on April 8th, 2014, 22:39 UTC (UTC +0000)

Since we have significant amounts of visitors from non-English speaking countries (in particular South Korea, Russia, France and Germany), we have spent the last month enabling translation for our site.

Since yours truly speaks Norwegian, that's the first language we enable, aside from English of course.

If you would like to see Aligulac in a language you speak well (perhaps one of the four already mentioned), please consider helping us translate the site. It's not a particularly massive task (about 1400 strings). Let me know please at evfonn(at)gmail(dot)com.

UPDATE: We have teams working on Russian, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Danish, Swedish and Chinese. Korean is still very much desired.


By Eivind Fonn on March 22nd, 2014, 13:36 UTC (UTC +0000)

Our resident frontend magician Hotspur (yes, that would be the Tottenham kind) has been working with our resident backend magician Prillan to cook up some autocompletion features for us. You can find them in the top right search, as well as on the inference and results search pages.

If it looks weird please make sure that you fully refresh the page, i.e try all of F5, Ctrl+F5 and Ctrl+R (or for the Mac folks, something like Cmd+Shift+R.)