StarCraft 2 Progaming Statistics and Predictions


Current top 10

# Name Rating vP vT vZ
1 down KR P PartinG 2372 2260 2450 2406
2 down KR Z Life 2319 2271 2339 2347
3 down KR T ForGG 2229 2133 2408 2147
4 down KR P Trap 2228 2165 2186 2332
5 down KR T INnoVation 2227 2236 2174 2270
6 down KR T Maru 2222 2160 2246 2261
7 down KR P herO 2220 2029 2295 2336
8 KR Z Hydra 2207 2130 2250 2241
9 KR Z Dark 2168 2132 2209 2164
10 down KR P Rain 2144 2093 2144 2194

Big news! By hewo on April 1, 2015, 5:55 p.m. (UTC +0000)

We have some big news to announce!

We're honored to have been contacted by a big actor in the Starcraft 2 scene. We're unable to disclose all the details right now, but trust us, it's gonna be good. With the upcoming expansion our partner wants to "radically change the way Starcraft is presented", and part of that will be with our help. We think it's both great for the scene and tournaments to take stats more seriously, and on a personal level all of our staff is excited that our work is going to be put to great use.

Thanks for your continued support, without the community and the support we get this would not be possible <3

Note: Look at the date. We wish this was true and hope that some day (soon) it will be!

Code S streaks (Nestea award) By Prillan on Feb. 9, 2015, 2:07 p.m. (UTC +0000)

As requested by twitter user @Mr_Marathon_Man, here's a list of the current GSL Code S streaks.

French! Mon dieu! By Eivind Fonn on Sept. 9, 2014, 9:05 a.m. (UTC +0000)

Aligulac in collaboration with Millenium proudly presents the French translation of Aligulac! This is thanks to the effortless work of Frédéric Leprévost, Nicolas Verger and @the_ppn over several months. It has been thoroughly tested and should be a quite high quality translation.

To get your dose of Français, head over here.

Millenium have also published an article.