StarCraft 2 Progaming Statistics and Predictions


Current top 10

# Name Rating vP vT vZ
1 down KR T Flash 2171 2146 2170 2198
2 down KR T TaeJa 2118 2119 2101 2135
3 down KR P Rain 2110 2058 2174 2099
4 down KR T INnoVation 2103 2111 2045 2152
5 down KR T YoDa 2094 2001 2080 2200
6 down KR P Zest 2081 2183 1979 2081
7 down KR P herO 2054 1986 2019 2156
8 down KR Z Sacsri 2052 2082 2075 1998
9 down KR Z HyuN 2031 1970 2076 2047
10 down KR T Polt 2029 2086 1976 2024

The above list is a preview of the next rating list, which will be finalized on September 3rd. Full list.

Det er sgu rigtigt! By Eivind Fonn on August 12th, 2014, 17:17 UTC (UTC +0000)

Yes, it's true. We just added a Danish translation. Enable it here. Thanks to our tweeter and PR guy Morten!

We have supported translation for a while, but the actual work has been slow. We have now found ourselves forced to disable translations on the API documentation. It's long, technical, and difficult to translate. On the other hand it is probably of little interest to someone who doesn't already speak decent English, so I gather that this is not a huge loss.

From what I understand, the French translation is very close to being completed. We still would like someone to help us with Korean!

And for those of you who are giving up on our rating system, we are working on it. There's a reasonably promising modification in the pipeline which I hope will not be too long off.

Redesign By Eivind Fonn on June 29th, 2014, 14:29 UTC (UTC +0000)

Oh my, looks like a few things changed! Hope you like it! If you find any issues, you can make an issue on Github or let us know in our TeamLiquid thread.

The site should also be easier to use on mobile now, though I guess you should at least turn your phone sideways.

Comparisons By Prillan on June 12th, 2014, 17:10 UTC (UTC +0000)

We've just deployed our new comparison feature, make sure to check it out. Compare

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